I'm Now On YouTube!

Hello everybody!!

So, if you follow me on Twitter, you might already know this but I am now on YouTube!!! I am so excited to FINALLY announce that and I feel like I have finally found something that legit makes me so freaking happy! (Other than the fact that I have my own blog that I love oh so much!)

For my first video, (by the way I've said this in the description box on YT but I apologize for the shitty audio quality, I'm currently in the process of getting a mic so that it's a lot easier to hear me. I'm a very soft spoken person so again, sorry!) I thought it would be a good idea to tell my audience a little bit about me and faintly explain some of the things that I am passionate/obsessed about because as you know, I am a VERY intense person and I'm definitely not afraid to own up to that, that's exactly what makes me, ME. I just want to be as real as can be and just have fun! No regrets! 

Like I said before, making this video made me so incredibly happy and even though it was my first video I've ever made in my life and I felt like it still could have been a little better, I am still pretty proud and happy with myself for finally doing it. It's been a dream of mine for SO long now and I'm just so thankful that I got the inspiration to just sit down and make it instead of making up all the excuses not to!

If you have the inspiration to do something or have a dream of doing something, DO IT! Trust me, when you finally gain the courage to follow your dreams it just gets better from there and you just feel so proud of yourself for finally doing it! It's such an amazing feeling and I hope everyone ends up feeling that at some point in their lives!

So check out my first video and subscribe so that you'll get notified every time I post a new video! 

Thanks so much for reading and I'm so thankful for all the support, I love you guys!