'About Me' Photo Shoot

This was probably the most surreal thing I have done for this blog yet! I wanted my pictures for my 'About Me' and 'Contact' page to be the kind of pictures you'd see in a fashion magazine. That's why I chose to wear a black crop top paired with a deep green tulle skirt from the Lauren Conrad Runway Collection. I also figured that since my blog launched in the fall and that also just happens to be my favorite season (as well as my birthday season), it would be perfect to take my pictures in an orchard; dressed like an 'evil queen' (as my family used to describe my look). I just loved the thought of wearing tulle in an orchard..

Even though I was told that I looked like an 'evil queen' I took it as a compliment (hence why I looked so serious in many of my pictures). My outfit did look pretty dark but that's literally how I like to dress on a normal basis. I'm all about my blacks, grays, and dark colors as well as a dark lip to match. & I just HAD to wear dark lipstick - it's a freaking fall photoshoot!!! Anyways, while I already had the dark lip and outfit in mind, next thing I had to think of was how I wanted my hair, what shoes I should wear, & with what accessories.

The golden locket that I'm wearing in my photos belonged to my Mom's friend who had passed away years ago. I've never met her or heard many stories about her, but I do know from what my Mom has told me, is that her name was Holly and that she was a very lovely person. Her death was tragic and very unexpected. My Mom actually gave my sister Sara this locket but when Sara was still living with us, I would always admire it and ask if I could borrow it. Sara would always say yes so I began to stop asking and just give myself permission to 'borrow' it instead. Well long story short I never remembered to give it back and now it hangs up nicely on my jewelry hook. To this day every time I wear it, my sister jokes about how I never gave it back but always says she's just kidding and that I'll probably get more use out of it than she ever would - which is so true. This locket is so vintage & unique and every time I wear it, I think of it as a beautiful treasure piece dangling from my neck full with many historic memories. 

Thinking of how I wanted my hair was easy peasy. Before I cut my hair to the length it is now, my 'signature look' was always a messy hair bun. Every time I would go to work or hang out with some friends, if I didn't have my hair in a bun they would have to take a second look at me with that "Oh my gosh her hair is down, who is she?!" look on their faces. (Which might actually be quite weird to my older friends, now that I think of it- because before my senior year of high school, you wouldn't of caught me dead with my hair up. After that, it was mostly up & I just assume that's what people got used to.) My hair is very very thick and tangly when it's long (& sometimes even when it's short) and I absolutely HATE brushing it! I seriously will do anything to not have to brush it hence why my hair was always in a damn bun - and a messy one at that! So ever since I cut my hair I'm not able to put it in a bun on the top of my head anymore without it all falling out. So I was forced to brush it and leave it down like normal people do - until I started watching Zoella on YouTube. That's when I got the idea of doing a half-up top knot bun instead! Damn, did that change my life! I started wearing my hair like that a lot more and even though the older people at my work call me "Pebbles", I just feel happy to have my signature look back- but in a brand new version to fit my hair length!

Now the shoe decision was the very last decision. I'm not gonna even try to make up a story of how I chose those I'll just stick with being honest like I have been; I just really love those boots. I feel like they didn't look bad though, you could barely see them in the photos anyway. I don't know, maybe it's just me but I think my knock-off's go good with every outfit! Ahh, I just love them! 

The shoot came out to be better than I ever anticipated. The orchard that I went to take these photos, had several rows of grape vines as well as apple trees. It was beyond beautiful, even though it was freaking freezing outside. We also ran into a halloween themed carnival-like photo board, that my sister & I thought were extremely awesome! I seriously think that I wore the perfect outfit for the perfect place! 

I'm very blessed to have an older sister like Sara. She's so talented in everything she does and to be able to collaborate with her throughout this whole process, was truly amazing. So a huge thank you to her for making my dreams come to life! (& If she's reading this- I love you!) So if you're interested in seeing more of Sara's incredible work, click Here - (Sarasure Design Co. also just released a blog that shows how she designed the brand and web design of SGYS! - Click Here to check it out!)

I just want to thank everyone who's reading & I'm truly grateful and happy of what SGYS has become! I hope you all are enjoying it as much as I am, & don't forget to come back this Friday for a whole new blog!